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Turi Reddick

Northern State Prison
P.O. BOX 2300
Newark, New Jersey 07114

My name is Turi Reddick. I've been incarcerated for almost 21 years with 9 and some change to go. However, fortunately I find myself close to a unique and favorable position in life. It's funny how God works. I'm from a small town called Linden, NJ and a part of a tight knit family that has built our family name on a rock. My only child is grown and making his own way while receiving the necessary tutelage from myself and his grandparents. Thank You God!

Although the struggles are different now than in the beginning of my incarceration, they are struggles, nonetheless. For instance, being so close, but not quite close enough to touch the life that's been granted to you. At times, this creates such a grievous thought. So, how does one cope? I call on God, my family and friends. Therefore, I'm able to say this confidently due to all the ups and downs that come with doing time and being fortunate enough to have their love and support throughout. If you are as serious about your future as I am, you realize that good people are hard to find. Therefore, you know the value and importance of good friends like I do. So, if that's you, I ask that you hit me via mail or email (

1/17/2023 - 1/17/2026

Turi Reddick



Date of Birth: 1/13/1979

Age: 44

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Incarcerated since: 

Convicted of: 

Length of sentence: 

Release Date: 2/13/2032

Maximum Release Date: 2/13/2032

Parole Board: 

Height: 6'0


Gender: Male

Sexual Preference:

Marital Status: 


Would you like letters from both sexes:

Looking for: 

Can you receive email: Yes

Email service:


Occupation before prison: Business management

Activities in prison:

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