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Timothy Schultz

USP Victorville
PO Box 3900
Adelanto CA 92301


Ever feel like work… “do your life”? Want someone who will make you feel like a carefree woman that is living life for mystery & fun, again.

Imagine, for a moment, it’s 6 months from today, you got a perfect side dish, completing all your independent desires. Bringing the excitement of “living “ into your world. Focus! No devious thoughts just yet! “laughing”…

Imagine you feel alive again, feel appreciated, that the dull repetition of life is replaced with a mysterious connection, fulfilling your lonely nights with a guy that makes your closest girlfriend “envious” of the new, carefree, emotionally fulfilled woman you will be; with someone that only compliments who you are inside. It’s so raw, everyone notices.

You can find comfort, eyes you can look into and see compassion, even trust. A heart that “trys” to understand when I pay attention to what’s on your mind. Because I listen & care, “if I let you in”. I got a firm hand with a soft touch, for sure!

Letters, are my escape! Come escape with me? Believe, we’ll make up for lost time & dull moments. You may need vacation days, suntan lotion and a mani pedi! What’s up? Can you handle me?

A girl can dream, right?

Better than any dream, you just met a guy who will change your life, delight, challenge, even adore you.

Until you meet the one who’s emotional availability is in line with yours.

…Get it Girl…

6/29/2022 - 6/29/2023

Timothy Schultz

Hometown: California

Race: White

Eye Color: -

Hair Color: -

Date of Birth: 08-22-1981

Age: 34

Astrological Sign: Leo

Children: -

Incarcerated since: 2002

Convicted of: Conspiracy

Length of sentence: -

Earliest Release Date: Pending Appeal

Max. Release Date: -

Height: -

Weight: -

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: -

Marital Status: -

Religion: -

Would you like letters from both sexes? Women

Looking for: Friendship

Education: -

Occupation before prison: -

Activities in prison: -

Favorite Color: -

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