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Joshua Santos

PO Box 8000
Shirley, MA 01464


My name is Josh, but my family/friends call me Macho; a nickname grandpa gave me at birth. It’s a tradition for Puerto Ricans. I’m currently serving a life sentence; a regrettable bad choice out of many. It’s human nature to err and falter but it’s how you rebound that counts. My downfall has always been my blind loyalty. I don’t regret things I did wrong ‘cause it’s part of life’s experience. I do regret the things I did for the wrong people. Don’t’ let my situation become the deciding factor that discourages you from interacting with me. I’ve been told I have many great qualities. I’ll let you judge my character.

I decided to join this site in search of company, friendship/pen pals, someone to share my thoughts and express myself with. Mental stimulation will help me escape this madness. If anything flourishes out of this, it is not my intentions.

My hobbies are also my pastimes which include but are not limited to reading, writing, working out, drawing, barbering and listening to music. This is also how I remain mentally free. I’m a free-spirited person.

All I ask is to please not judge me without knowing or understanding me. Sometimes people misunderstand us and look upon us as plagues of the world. We are often stigmatized and seen as animals, which for the most part is wrong. We are humans also in need of empathy and interaction. I don’t fear death; I fear being left for dead and being forgotten by the world. Take a chance, disappointment isn’t something you will encounter. Mail time is the highlight of a prisoner’s day. I look forward to your response. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.



7/13/2022 - 7/13/2025

Joshua Santos

Hometown: Springfield, MA

Race: Hispanic

Eye Color: -

Hair Color: Black

Date of Birth: 09-07-1987

Age: 35

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Children: -

Incarcerated since: 2013

Convicted of: Murder, Firearm, Drug Distribution

Length of sentence: -

Max. Release Date: LIFE

Parole Eligibility: 2048

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 190 lbs

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Marital Status: Separated

Religion: -

Would you like letters from both sexes? Women

Looking for: Friendship

Education: -

Occupation before prison: -

Activities in prison: -

Favorite Color: -

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