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Shasprine Gaines

Topeka Correctional Facility
815 S.E. Rice Road
Topeka, Kansas 66607

Hello, my name is Shasprine, but you can call me Shay. I'm originally from Mississippi, so I'm a Southern Belle. I like to read and I listen more than I talk. I love to get to know people on all different levels. My word is my bond, I believe when you talk to me you will enjoy everything you hear.

If you have anything you would like to know or talk about please don't be a stranger, I'm here for a short time and it's not forever. If you wanna know more, well, what are you waiting for?

8/04/2023 - 8/04/2025

Shasprine Gaines

Hometown: Mississippi
Race: Black
Date of Birth: 2/06/1994
Age: 29
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Incarcerated since: 
Convicted of: 
Length of sentence: 
Release Date: 2/04/2025
Maximum Release Date: 2/04/2025
Parole Board: 
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:
Marital Status: 
Would you like letters from both sexes: Yes
Looking for: Friendship
Can you receive email: Yes
Email service:
Education: High School Diploma
Occupation before prison: 
Activities in prison: School, cooking, working

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