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Lamya Bencheqroun

Lumley Unit
P.O. Box 3300
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

The greatest addiction there is, is creation, so let’s get creative in a connection. Would you like to open a door and know me? The greatest texture in life is bonding with another human being. I’m looking to cultivate such a bond with humor, exchanges and appreciation. So, open my door, come in and stay a while. Let me be a comfort. My name is Lamya, what’s yours?

1/6/2023 - 1/6/2026

Lamya Bencheqroun

Date of Birth: 05/20/1991
Age: 32
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Incarcerated since: 
Convicted of: 
Length of sentence: 
Release Date: 
Maximum Release Date: 2039
Parole Board: 
Height: 5'3
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:
Marital Status: 
Would you like letters from both sexes: Yes
Looking for: 
Can you receive email: Yes
Email service:
Occupation before prison: 
Activities in prison: Read, work

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