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Christi Collins

742 FM 712
Marlin, TX 76661


Let me start by saying that I’m not perfect. I’ve made careless mistakes and impulsive decisions throughout my life, but I do desire and welcome change.

My name is Christi; Nicknamed Taj. I’m a down to earth, open minded lady who loves to cook, laugh, dance, sing and play, and read. I’m small framed but definitely not afraid of food. I enjoy doing anything competitive and athletics and my personality is limitless.

I’m in search of someone who’ll see value within the most inner depths of my mind. Someone not afraid to share their thoughts with me and open to receive mine. Someone not afraid to agree to disagree. Whom can influence me positively and understand the terms that I may demand a lot but I give a lot.

I’m in need of someone willing to focus on the future while forgiving my past. A man to be my best friend and confident. My equal and motivation.

But keep in mind, although I admit I’m not perfect, I do desire change. Write me and be the positive influence I’m searching for.

06/24/2022 - 06/24/2023

Christi Collins

Race: Black
Age: 40
Date of Birth: 10-26-1981
Incarcerated since: 2003
Convicted of: Criminal Conspiracy
Earliest Release Date: 2023
Latest Release Date: -
Height: -
Weight: -
Gender: -
Sex Orientation: Straight
Religion: Non-Denomination
Would you like letters from both sexes? -
Looking for: Friendship/Relationship
Education: HS
Occupation before prison: Certified in Microsoft
Activities in prison:

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