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Ad Date 02/23/2015 - 02/23/2016

Sherri Mullen #WE0874

Valley State Prison for Women 
P.O BOX 92 
Chowchilla, CA 93610




Hello to everyone reading this. I am a 23 year old Aries.


I love reading, writing, math, foreign languages, singing, music, my iPad, swimming and having a good time.


Even though I have put myself in this unfortunate position, I aspire to be better in the future. “Never Again Once More” is tattooed on my right shoulder. It means never again will I be the same as I was yesterday, but once more I will change to better myself today. I made that quote to better myself with each day I live.


When I leave here I would like to become an aviation mechanical engineer and work for foreign airlines. I let a lot of foolish things stop me from reaching my full potential.


I always tried to catch a dream that wasn’t meant for me, or be with someone who wasn’t for me. Not anymore. I don’t sell dreams, so don’t try to sell them to me. If you cant slick a can of oil, how do you think you can fool me?


For those who write me, please be honest with me. But if you write, be sure to write more than just “a page”, it’s a waste of an envelope if you do.


I accept all letters and will write ASAP. Please send a picture. Stay positive and stay in prayer.


Never again once more…



Race: African American

Date of Birth: 04-16-91

Age: 23

Incarcerated since: 2011

Convicted of: 2nd degree armed robbery

Length of sentence: -

Release Date: 2-2016

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 210 lbs

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Straight

Religion: Baptist

Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes

Looking for: -

Education: 2 years junior college

Occupation before prison: Student, In-home care provider






Never met someone quite like you.

My eyes follow everywhere you move.

I love your smile, it puts stars in my eyes.

If things were different, I might have tried to get us “stuck like glue”.

You and me boy, we’re stuck like glue.

But since lines are drawn, our sides are already picked.

Your an addiction I’ll never get to kick.

Never get to hold you like a big teddy bear.

Won’t be long till we never meet again.

1,000 kisses…

Remember, I’ll always be yours.


Contact: Sherri Mullen
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sherri mullen inmate penpal photo
sherri mullen inmate penpal photo

Sherri's Poetry


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