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NYPD Recovers Gun from East River Likely Used to Kill Cop

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Cops on Sunday found the gun they believe was used to kill an NYPD cop last week, authorities said.

The .40-caliber weapon was fished out of about 20 feet of water in the East River just after 3 a.m. — a couple hundred feet north of where Officer Randolph Holder was shot in the head Oct. 20, officials said.

The gun’s 30-clip extended magazine had already been recovered on East 123rd Street, about 100 feet away from where the weapon was tossed, cops said.

Investigators plan to try to link the gun to at least one bullet found inside suspect Tyrone Howard’s back pack, sources said. The bullet has already matched spent shell casings recovered at the scene.

“We have the perp’s backpack. It’s got [at least one bullet] inside with markings that match the spent shell casings, which will likely match to the gun,” a law-enforcement source said.”Apparently, the bullet can still have markings if it’s slid through the rack without being fired.

“We’re going to test for DNA and fingerprints [on the gun], but most likely we won’t find anything. It will be too degraded by now,” the source said of the potential DNA evidence.

But “the bullet [in the back pack] will be tested for DNA, so hopefully it’ll all connect together.”

Officer John Mortimer, a 13-year veteran of the department and member of the NYPD’s scuba team, found the gun in the river, authorities said.

The search for other evidence continued Sunday with about 100 officers dressed in Tyvek suits standing hip to hip across six lanes of the FDR drive scouring the area north of 119 Street.

The officers are meticulously taking one step at a time in unison before kneeling down to inspect each area of ground where their fellow officer was fatally shot in the head.

The 33-year-old officer, who was assigned to the NYPD’s Housing unit, responded to a gun battle between two rival gangs at East 102nd.

Once officers showed up, the thugs split up — leading cops on a chase across the footbridge at 120th Street and FDR Drive where Officer Holder faced off with career-criminalHoward.

Howard, who has a lengthy rap sheet with 28 arrests ranging from drugs to assault, allegedly fired off a shot — hitting Holder in the forehead.

Shortly after the shootout, cops found an extended ammunition magazine at the scene.

Holder is the fourth NYPD officer killed in less than a year.

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