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Bride Robbed of $30K in Jewelry & Electronics Days Before Wedding


A bride-to-be had a trove of family heirlooms swiped from her Brooklyn pad and the crook got away with nearly $30,000 worth of valuables, police said.

The burglar sneaked into the Carroll Gardens home on Third Avenue on Aug. 24 sometime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., according to police.

Rachel Tepper,28, a food editor at Yahoo! said she’s devastated as she prepares to get marry her fiance Jon Paley, a documentary film maker on Sunday.

“I keep having these moments where I could break into tears. I know there are a lot of problems in the world and this might seem small, but it means everything to me. My wedding is on Sunday,” she explained.

The thief also scored a diamond ring that belonged to her late grandmother. It’s black around the edges and encrusted with diamonds.

“She died when I was young but that was one of the few pieces of jewelry I actually have memories of her wearing. It’s very special to me,” Tepper explained.

“Before I got engaged that was the ring I wore everyday,” she added.

Her fiance, younger brother, and about ten pals have been scouring local pawn shops hoping to find the missing jewels but to no avail.

The thief also swiped $8,000 in laptops, cameras, camera lenses and cash from the apartment, cops said.

Included in the jewel haul, was a pair of diamond studs, other assorted necklaces, earrings and rings, according to police.

One of the necklaces has a hummingbird covered in emeralds.

bride to be

A necklace stolen from the bride-to-be.

There’s a 78-percent increase in burglaries in the 76th precinct, with 91 reported incidents verse 51 last year through August 16th, public records show.

That’s the highest rate of reported burglaries in any Brooklyn neighborhood this year.

There was no forced entry. It wasn’t immediately clear if the couple left a door unlocked or climbed through a window because cops have been unable to find any video surveillance.

A police source said burglaries are considered “crimes of opportunity,” and thieves often climb through unlocked windows and doors while unsuspecting victims aren’t home.

“It’s a real problem. This sort of crime can be easily avoided. Lock your windows when you go out. Don’t leave your front door open,” said a police source.

The couple moved to Brooklyn from Maryland about three years ago.

“We moved to Carroll Gardens because it’s so safe,” she said.

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