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Woman Says She Was Raped & Impregnated by Brother

man rapes sister

She came to America for a better life, and ended up bearing a secret so dark, it was hidden for decades.

Maria Rossana Aala Quinio, 45, can no longer be silent about the tragedy she claims to have suffered as a teen in her brother’s Queens home.

“I feel like I’m lost. There’s nothing I can do,” she said.

Her parents shipped her off to the United States from the Philippines in 1984. The youngest of 10 kids, she had only her siblings to cling to, Quinio said. She lived with two sisters while a brother, Rustico Aala, lived nearby.

“I wasn’t expecting he would do something bad to me,” she said.

In 1986, Aala, who was 25 years older than the then 16-year-old, raped and impregnated her, Quinio charges in a new legal filing.

“All of a sudden he just grabbed me,” she said. “I’m helpless . . . He didn’t say anything. I told him, ‘Why did you do this to me? I’m your sister!’”

Aala did not deny the accusation when confronted at his home by The Post. He remained silent when asked about the rape claim during a brief interview.

A virgin until the attack, Quinio claims she didn’t realize she was pregnant until seven months later, when her sisters noticed something was wrong.

She told them her brother raped her, Quinio claims. The sisters “started to get mad at me,” she says. No one reported the alleged assault to authorities at the time.

The women moved to New Jersey. Quinio gave birth and put the baby up for adoption. “I didn’t even see it,” she said.

Quinio claims she kept quiet until 2009, when she finally told her husband.

She then wrote her family a letter about what she called the “Family Secret of Aala,” directly accusing her brother of the attack.

Aala allegedly apologized to relatives, saying, “I don’t know why I did it.”

The revelation prompt­ed Aala to agree to pay her for years of “anguish” with $500,000, a new car, $200,000 worth of assets in the Philippines and by signing over 40 percent of his retirement accounts, Quinio says in the Brooklyn federal court filing.

But Aala hasn’t paid a dime, according to Quinio.

Aala didn’t deny offering his sister the new car, the $500,000 and the $200,000 worth of Filipino assets. But he did deny offering his sister any portion of his retirement accounts.

“I told her I’ve got no money,” he said.

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