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Celebrity Stylist Accused of Terrorizing Gay Neighbors

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A celebrity eyebrow stylist who touts Sharon Stone as a customer has been terrorizing her gay neighbors at their Tribeca apartment building, court papers allege.

Mia Boam, 34, was so furious when the elderly man who lives above her told her and pals to pipe down during a New Year’s Eve party in 2014 that she threatened him and had his husband falsely arrested, say the men and documents set to be filed Wednesday.

“I’m gonna f–k you up, Santa Claus!” she allegedly screamed at 76-year-old Larry Camp, who has a fluffy white beard, as she pounded on his door at 59 Franklin St.

A shaken Camp told hubby William Elias – whom he’d married just 15 hours earlier – what happened when he returned home from work.

Elias knocked on Boam’s door and told her if she had a problem to take it up with him and not Camp, he told The Post.

As the newlyweds went up the stairs to their own apartment, an allegedly drunken Boam chased after them but tumbled down the steps, court papers allege.

Boam called cops and claimed Elias had assaulted her and had him cuffed, the papers say. But Elias insists she made it all up.

While the criminal case against Elias was pending, the feuding neighbors had another run-in in the building’s stairwell May 17.

A recording allegedly captured Boam rushing at Elias screaming, “F—king faggot! How f—king dare you! You’re a f—king —hole!”

“She grabs my pony tail, She’s holding onto my pony tail while she’s punching me in the back of the head and the neck,” Elias said.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office dismissed the misdemeanor assault and harassment case against Elias in July based on the video, according to his criminal defense lawyer.

“In light of video footage depicting the complaining witness attacking my client, the ADA chose not to further pursue the case,” said the lawyer, Amanda Ambrose.

Elias’s civil lawyer, Todd Spodek, intends to the sue the NYPD for wrongful arrest, as laid out in the notice of claim expected to be filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“The police failed to investigate the incident, which would have clearly proven that the complainant, Mia Boam, fell down the steps due to her intoxication, and not due to any action of claimant,” Spodek writes in the court papers.

Spodek said he also intends to sue Boam, who is the daughter of deceased Hollywood screenwriter Jeff Boam, who wrote “Lethal Weapon 2,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’’ and “The Lost Boys.’’

When reached by phone, Boam denied she called Elias a “f—king faggot,” until she was confronted with the video footage.

“Well whatever,” she said, insisting she never touched him.

“If I was yelling that at him, it wasn’t out of blue, it was after [what he did].”

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