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Pregnant Teen Loses Unborn Child After Drive-by Shooting

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A 19-year-old pregnant Brooklyn woman lost her unborn child after she was pumped with four bullets in a drive-by gang shooting, sources told The Post on Tuesday.

The young mother-to-be, identified by family as Special-Caijae Houston, was blasted twice in the chest and twice in the buttocks by two men who pulled up in front of 98 Dwight St. in Red Hook in a tan SUV and opened fire on her and four others around 11 p.m. Monday, according to cops.

The other people who suffered gunshot wounds in the revenge attack included Houston’s 20-year-old boyfriend and baby daddy, Devin Callahan, and his sister Deanna Smith, who were both shot once in the calf; an 18-year-old woman who was shot once in the neck and once in the leg — and another 20-year-old man who was blasted seven times in the chest.

All five were rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where Houston’s baby was pronounced dead, sources said. She was five months pregnant.

“She is doing okay,” Houston’s mother, Tamara Joyner, 41, said outside the hospital. “I can talk to her, but she can’t respond back to me. It’s been very traumatic because you never expect (this) to happen. I have to deal and cope with it because that’s my daughter. She’s fighting for her life.”

The shooting was in retaliation for an attack that unfolded near the Gowanus houses on Monday at around 3:18 a.m., sources said. One man was injured.

Both shootings are thought to stem from an ongoing beef between two Brooklyn gangs known as the “Gangsta Money Makers” and the “Ow Ow Crew.”

Marquise Frederick, 19, of the Gowanus houses, is wanted in connection with Monday’s late-night ambush after witnesses told police they saw his face as he was getting back into the SUV.

Cops said he and a cohort unloaded on the group as the victims relaxed outside under a lawn canopy.

“It’s a very upsetting, tough case,” said Chief of Detectives Robert K. Boyce. “It looks like it was a group outside on a warm summer evening … just relaxing … when this car pulled up.”

Frederick, also known as “KiKi,” lives in the Gowanus houses and is affiliated with the Ow Ow Crew, sources said.

Cops believe he was targeting a member of the Gangsta Money Makers when Houston and the four others were gunned down.

“I had two children who were injured in this incident, and they weren’t doing anything but waiting for their food to come,” said Viva Smith, mother of Devin Callahan and Deanna Smith.

“I watched these kids grow up,” she explained. “They’re good kids. My son is coping. He’s dealing. He has a bullet on his leg, he lost his baby. He’s hurt because he can’t be with his girlfriend.”

Another shooting related to the Gowanus-based gang war happened July 30 at 417 Baltic st., sources said.

A young man was shot in the leg in that incident, but his injuries were minor. The unidentified victim refused to cooperate with police during their investigation, sources said.

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