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Killer's Family Bashes Victim's Grieving Mom in Court

killer dayshawn walkin

A killer’s heartless family hurled insults at the slain victim’s mother during a disturbing outburst Wednesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Just before killer Dayshawn Walkin was sentenced to 24 years on manslaughter charges, a hysterical Velda Rowley, mom of Jermaine Benjamin, 31, lashed into him for being an “animal.”

“I hope to god you rot in hell,” she sneered at Walkin as she delivered her victim impact statement. “He didn’t die because he was sick – he died because of an animal like you.

”Walkin’s family and friends responded by calling the heartbroken mom a “b—h” and muttering other profanities.

mother of jermaine benjamin

Court officers threatened to kick them out of the courtroom several times over their behavior.

But the determined mom continued to address her son’s killer: “While sitting in your jail cell for the next 24 years, I hope you think about what you did. I hope to god you don’t have a minute of peace.”

Walkin, 22, copped to manslaughter and weapons possession charges in exchange for two decades in prison.

He admitted to pumping 12 bullets into Benjamin, an aspiring minister originally from Guyana, in Crown Heights in June 2013, killing him.

Rowley said her son intervened in a fight between Walkin and a female friend when Walkin opened fire.

“He was never a troublemaker,” the mom said. “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Walkin’s attorney James Phillips said his client is remorseful.“He has never denied guilt. He feels awful about what happened,” he told the judge.

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