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Mom Who Killed Her Kids and Stuffed Them in a Freezer Get's Life in Prison: Says She Regrets Not

mitchelle blair

A Detroit woman with no remorse for killing two of her four children and stuffing the bodies in a home freezer was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole.

Mitchelle Blair was charged, convicted and sentenced in less than four months, since an eviction crew discovered the children's bodies in the freezer in March. They had been stored there for a few years. She pleaded guilty in June to first-degree murder.

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Mitchelle Blair said Friday ‘I don’t regret none of this’ after she was sentenced to life in prison for the torture killings of her children Stephen Berry, 9, and Stoni Blair, 13.

Blair killed her 13-year-old daughter, Stoni, in 2013 and 9-year-old son, Stephen, in 2012. She claims they had sexually abused a sibling, though she didn't witness the alleged assaults and never reported anything to police. Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb said there was no evidence of sexual assault.

She described how she poured scalding water on the victims, beat them with sticks and put trash bags over their heads.

"So this was your way of inflicting punishment?" Judge Dana Hathaway asked.

"Definitely," replied Blair, 36.

"I don't regret none of this. ... I don't feel no remorse for the death of them demons," she said.

The mother underlined that sentiment at her sentencing hearing.

"As horrendous as everybody thinks I am -- that's fine," Blair told Hathaway.

Friends and neighbors said they didn't know there was trouble in the home and rarely saw Blair's four children. Two surviving children, ages 17 and 8, have been placed with an aunt.

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