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Bicycle Riding Teens Groping Women in Brooklyn

Pervert teens in brooklyn

A pack of teenage perverts has been riding bikes around Brooklyn groping women, cops say.

The creeps struck four times within a 90-minute period Friday, each time swooping in and grabbing their victims’ breasts and butts before pedaling off again, police said.

The first victim, 33, was walking on Tillary Street toward the Borough Hall subway station downtown around 7:30 a.m. when the group rode up behind her and two of them sexually assaulted her, police sources said.

One of the teens slapped the woman hard on the rear while another aggressively grabbed her breast, cops said.

The other two boys rode nearby, the source added.

Five minutes later, the teens rolled down a sidewalk and approached a woman about to enter a diner on Adams Street, cops said.

Surveillance video shows one of the boys, dressed in a green T-shirt, slapping the woman’s butt before losing control of his bike and crashing into a sidewalk sign outside the restaurant.

Cops were made aware of the forcible touching when a witness flagged down a cop, but the victim did not report the incident.The third victim, 31, was groped on Bergen Street in Park Slope about 30 minutes later.

Two of the handsy creeps sped by and squeezed her butt, while another squeezed her breast, police sources said.

Friday’s final victim, age 29, was attacked around 9 a.m. near Fifth and Flatbush avenues, when one of the boys smacked her butt as he rode by, cops said.

The groping spree had women in Downtown Brooklyn on edge.“They think it’s funny, but I’ll knock them right off [their bikes] if they come near me,” said a 22-year-old woman who declined to give her name.

“They’re not getting any themselves,” she said. “I bet none of them have girlfriends, so they go around grabbing random girls. They’re just trying to get a free feel.”

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