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6-Year-Old Girl Rats Out Dad After He Allegedly Stole Jewelry & Toys From Walmart

scott birk shoplifting on camera

Honesty was the best policy for this Wisconsin 6-year-old — who ratted her dad out after he was allegedly caught stealing.

Scott Birk keenly proclaimed his innocence after being accused of thieving earrings and toys from a New Berlin Walmart last month, reports WISN.

But he was ultimately undone by his own daughter, who was overheard by a security guard telling him not to steal items from the store.

She later also landed him in hot water after correcting his claims that they'd walked to the outlet — by pointing out her unlicensed dad's car in the parking lot.

scott birk seen shoplifting on camera

Surveillance footage purportedly shows Birk breaking into a jewelry case, taking some earrings and putting them on.

A guard who was shadowing him claims that the "6-year-old daughter told him several times to stop breaking into the jewelry case.

"Birk then allegedly walked into the toy zone and stuffed items that were in his cart into his shorts.

Cops stopped the 31-year-old as he left the store and, during questioning, asked how he'd arrived because they knew he doesn't have a driver's license.

scott birk

He claimed he'd walked in.

But his daughter contradicted his answer when she revealed that they'd drove — and she even pointed out their car in the lot.

Birk was charged with theft and bail-jumping. If convicted, he faces up to five years in jail due to a previous drug conviction.

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