Don't have time to write the old classic way snail mail? Or maybe you don't quite feel comfortable giving up your physical address to an inmate so soon. Well don't worry! Try Pmail. Prison mail is a mailing service we offer through email messaging. 


Here's how it works:


1. Initial Annual Set Up and Maintenance Fee: There will be an initial set up fee of $30.00 which is due up front prior to setting up Pmail. Pay as you go. Cost covers maintenance fees, printing etc.


2. Type your letter: $2.00 per 3000 words which is approximately three standard size 8" x 11" notebook pages including front and back which is approximately 3000 words typed in Arial 12 font size. An additional $1.00 per picture which would be printed out on high quality premium photo paper. Anything over 3000 words would be an additional $2.00 per every three pages.


3. Email your letter: Once typed, simply email us and our dedicated mail processers will then immediately print out your letter and ship via standard mail. All letters mailed within the US takes roughly 3 to 5 days for delivery. 


Please Note: Inmates will return mail at the address provided when you signed up. So please make sure to re-check all spelling errors if any. If you do not want to provide your address to an inmate please let us know along with email. We will then provide our PO Box address for the return. Upon us receiving the return mail, it will then be scanned for upload. You will then be immediately notified via the email you provided.


*Inmates do not have access to a computer and cannot receive email with the exception of federal inmates who use Corrlinks.

Click here for more information on corrlinks.  



By using our Pmail service:

  • You have a copy of all mail.

  • You save on mail postage tremendously, and delivery time if mailing from outside the country.


Also great for soldiers abroad.


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