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Ad Date 12/17/2014 - 12/17/2016

Neal Peterson #95619-011

USP Pollock

PO Box 2099

Pollock, LA 71467



Sometime the streams that we travel through the course of living are too small to accommodate our biggest joys in life. I’m a firm believer that big blessings and countless smiles don’t come in shallow territories. Since your reading this I’m taking it that you at the very least agree with some of what I’ve already said and are now trying this new stream in hopes that it will come with more smiles, laughs, and good times then all others before it.

In all honesty, I could write a small book about who I am and all the things I enjoy doing. However It’s easier for me to be direct and tell you about the kind of guy I’m not and the things I never do. I’m never dishonest, I never say things I don’t mean, I’ve only made one promise I did not keep, and I’m not the guy that will ever ruin your day.

I’d like to meet a woman who still knows how good it feels to smile uncontrollably, A woman who knows how to savor the small pleasures in life, A woman who’s honest and not afraid to be herself. Most of all, I’d like to meet a woman willing to try something new.

To sum things up, I’m a simple man simply looking for a real friend!



Race: Black

Age: 32

Date of Birth: 11-02-1982

Incarcerated since: 2006

Convicted of: Bank Robbery

Earliest Release Date: 2015

Latest Release Date: -

Height: -

Weight: -

Gender: -

Sexial Orientation: Straight

Religion: Christian

Would you like letters from both sexes? -

Education: -

Occupation before prison: -

Activities in prison: -


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neal peterson inmate penpal photo
neal peterson inmate penpal photo
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