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Ad Date 01/16/2015 - 01/16/2017

Melissa Colbert  #258720 
Pulaski State Prison 
PO Box 839 
Hawkinsville, Georgia  31036




My name is Melissa and if you are reading this maybe you will open your heart and become a much needed friend.


I’ve spent 16 years and counting here. The wrongfull Conviction Center has agreed to investigate my case and I have signed a consent form for them to speak to the media. So please don’t look at the circumstances and judge me, or overlook a potential friend in me.


I’m a wonderful person, a loyal friend. I am very outgoing, caring, compassionate and very understanding. I have a great sense of humor and a great love for God.


I love to cook all kinds of foods, plant flowers, I love to spirit dance (feels like I am before God Himself). I like walking, traveling and taking pictures.


My plans are to be a motivational speaker, people need to learn how bad things can happen to good people, and if given the chance, could turn their life around.


I would also like to volunteer to feed the homeless. That’s why even in my storm, I live in the faith, differences can start anywhere. When you do something good, that feeling you get can surpass anything else.


I seek friends who are open and honest and who really care about people, and love God. Someone positive and just as inspiring. A lot of people are successful because someone believed in them. I believe every person should grant a chance to another.


It doesn’t matter what race or age friends are, love and support are all is required. Anyone non-judgmental, who is spiritual with a love for people and God are much welcomed. We can correspond about family, friends, or anything. We can even do bible studies together, you name it.


I know there is someone out there who could use a friend, and ladies you are welcome to write. I plan to marry some day when God sends me a good man for a husband.


I could use some advice, a friend who I can share my thoughts and goals with. My dreams with. I am a physical person, and love graphic arts and music as well as learning new things. It’s been a lot of years inside here for me.


So, sincere, understanding, respectful, open-minded and genuine please reply. I will write anyone who writes me. Everyone desires to be happy, so hearing from you will do just that for me here. Make me happy.





Race: African American

Date of Birth: 02-11-1966

Age: 49

Incarcerated since: 2000

Convicted of: Murder, 1st degree arson

Release Date: Life Sentence

Eligible for parole: 12-2018

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 145 lbs

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Straight

Religion: Christian

Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes

Education: HS, business degree 

Occupation before prison: Business owner, cosmotologist



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