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Esteban Carpio

MacDougall C. I.
1153 East St. South
Suffield CT 06080

A Wrongfully Convicted Person

Life for Esteban Carpio began in Boston MA, July 30, 1978. He found love in his mother's and father's arms, who blessed him with intelligence and handsome looks of a Golden Prince. Esteban's outgoing, genial, humorous personality has kept him passionate for life's finer things. Musically talented, soulfully artistic and athletic, a magnetic keystone in many hearts. Entrepreneurially expeditious, spirited, with a mature understanding due to his upbringing in the perilous ghetto streets of Boston.

A jack-of-all-trades from community peer leader for urban youth at Blackstone Community School to advertising for modeling agencies and convention service at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Esteban's presence has been of great merit, a legend in his own right, a man of religious values with a love for Congressional business partnerships. Looking for a balance in life. Esteban loves to write music, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction stories based on real-life experiences.

In 2005, he was charged with and convicted of felony assault and 1st degree murder of a Providence RI police officer. What is unsettling about this is that Carpio was admitted by his family on three separate occasions to three different institutions for paranoid delusions two weeks prior to these charges. Carpio was seeking help and to no avail - his cries for help went unanswered! Carpio was released from the hospitals too soon to determine his condition. During an interrogation for a random assault, Carpio was held against his will. Loaded weapons are normally not permitted beyond the Sally Port where he was interrogated. The original officer who brought Carpio to the station in handcuffs checked his service pistol before bringing Carpio to the 3rd floor where Carpio was interrogated by Det. Allen, who had a loaded weapon in his possession.

At that time a struggle ensued because Carpio felt in fear for his life, being in a fragile mind state, and Det. Allen was killed. Then Carpio fell from a 3rd story window trying to flee the scene. Less than an hour later, Carpio was caught and brutally beaten by angry police.

Six years later, Carpio is sitting in a cell 23 hours a day due to disciplinary sanctions due to police retaliation. Why did this happen??????? Why did it come to this when this should have been prevented? So what if this were you is the question? A hostile officer with a fully-loaded un-holstered weapon and an unstable, potentially violent suspect is a combination built for disaster. Carpio is in the process of appeal basing arguments on his mental conditions at the time of the offense and why the officer had a weapon during interrogation. Only a paid appeals attorney will take the time and legal steps to get the professional help Carpio needs for mental illness and justice he deserves. Carpio's pleas for help fall on your ears.

Carpio is looking for a fair chance at life with his family and to meet new people for real friendship. He is no different from you and me. He has dreams and goals. He's a good person with a conscious.

07=01-2022 -

Esteban Carpio

Race: Dominican

Date of Birth: 07-30-1978

Age: 36

Incarcerated since: 2005

Convicted of: Murder

Release Date: Death Row

Height: -

Weight: -

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Religion: Islam

Would you like letters from both sexes? Women

Education: -

Occupation before prison: -

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