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Kwantey Dyse inmate penpal photo

Kwantey Dyse #K-64748

Menard Corr. Center

PO Box 1000

Menard, IL 62259



Hey curious! How are you? I'm curious to know. I'm glad we've found each other. Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm confident that you are as excited, and interested as I am in us corresponding with one another. Please be mindful that I don't have computer access, so I cannot e-mail you. Please be sure to leave an address, PO Box, or phone number, so I can respond to you, and we begin to build. Allow me to introduce myself.


I'm Kwantey (quon-tae) born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In brief detail I am a loyal, focused, attentive, open-minded, genuine, high-energy man who desires in, and of a woman the whole of womanhood. I'm a respecter of differences subject to the intrigue and hypnosis of a woman's unique, and individualized personal differences. I love to learn, read, have fun, succeeded, prosper, live, and ultimately be a pleasurable influence. I love it when a woman and I can comfortably be absolutely open with one another about anything, and everything. That's true nakedness to me. Nonjudgmental genuineness is in my blood. Music is also in my blood. My preferences are R&B, Dusties, slow jams, Hip-Hop/Rap, Contemporary Jazz, some Country (Sugarland), Gospel, and some Rock.



I'm looking to communicate, understand, empathize, and excel to the highest place. Are you tender, sweet, ambitious? Do you have a deep attraction to the forbidden, the dangerous, the vague and mysterious? Are you silly, affectionate, devoted to those you care deeply about, demonstrative, reserved, sentimental/caring, naturally flirtatious, spontaneous, and uninhibited, emotional, outgoing, loyal, reliable, faithful, trustworthy, goodhearted, and easy to get along with, humorous, poetic, fun, goth, charitable, pragmatic, unique, free-spirited, wild, dominant, submissive, artistic, fetishistic, intellectual, spiritual, philosophical, misunderstood, unheard, unappreciated, discouraged, mistreated, confused, lonely?


Whatever your character traits are; to me you are a treasure of a woman. Let's relate.



Race: African American

Date of Birth: 02-13-77

Incarcerated since: May 1998

Convicted of: 1st degree murder, 3 counts of attempted murder

Release Date: July 2063

Height: 5'7" 

Gender: Male

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Education: -

Occupation before prison: -

Activities in prison: -


Contact: Kwantey Dyse
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kwantey dyse inmate penpal photo

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