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Ad Date 11/28/2014 - 11/28/2016

Harvey Robinson #CJ8032

SCI Green

175 Progress Drive

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370



Hello! My name is Miggy. I'm a Death Row Prisoner at the State Correctional Institution of SCI - Greene; in Pennsylvania (USA).  Due to my situation, many family members and friends have abandoned me. Prison, especially being on Death Row, is lonely and can be very difficult to deal with at times. I'm hoping to make a few friends who will correspond with me. Anyone who wishes to write; Please do not in anyway hesitate.

Some of my interests and hobbies are: Reading, writing, learning (studies), exercise (full body, yoga, pilates and educating others, helping others, etc.... If you would like to be a pen pal friend, or just want to chat or whatever, please respond.




Race: Mixed

Date of Birth: 12-06-1974

Incarcerated since: -

Convicted of: -

Release Date: Death Row

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 180 Lbs

Gender: Male

Religion: -

Would you like letters from both sexes? -

Education: -

Occupation before prison: -

Activities in prison: -


*Note: When writing inmates please add return address inside 

actual letter as envelope may get discarded in prison mailroom.

Contact: Harvey Robinson
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