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Ad Date 02/13/2015 - 02/13/2016

Burnice Ford #522456

Desoto Annex
13617 S.E. Highway 70
Arcadia, Florida 34266-7800




My name is Burnice.


I’m 5′ 9″ tall, 230lbs. and dropping. I’m eating healthier and exercising more. I was convicted of armed robbery in Polk County, Florida and armed robbery and armed kidnapping in Tampa, Florida.


I will admit that I did the armed robbery in Polk County but I didn’t do the one in Tampa. In either crime, no one was hurt or even touched. The reason I was charged and convicted in Tampa was because of my ex-girlfriends step-father. I’ll explain.


I was in a relationship with a girl who’s mother was white and father was black. Her father died and her mother re-married a white man. Her whole family loved me and said I was the best man she had ever been with. Her step-father was a serious alcoholic. One day he came home drunk and started calling my girlfriend racist names.


She called me that night crying, telling me what he said. The next day on my lunch break I went to his job and told him in front of his co-workers that if he ever does that again then I would kick his ***!


He went home and told his wife that he was going to get me back for what I did. A year later I was wanted for a robbery in Polk County, but I was still working. Then a robbery occurred which they showed on TV in Tampa. The step-father saw it knowing that I was already wanted for a robbery and took this as an opportunity to get even with me.


His wife’s best friend was married to the man which was once married to the mother of the lady that got robbed. The camera didn’t get a good picture of the robbers face but he went to them and convinced them that I was the perpetrator.


The police got fingerprints from the crime scene where the robber touched things and none of them came back to be mine. My female boss also came to court to let them know that I was working at the time of that robbery so it couldn’t have been me.


I was asked why didn’t I turn myself in to clear my name and I told them (for one, I was already wanted) I didn’t trust the system and that I wanted to save up enough money to get a paid lawyer (I wish I had). Talking to some attorneys after my conviction they all said I had gotten screwed by my public defender.


The judge took my comment about the “system” personally and slammed me with a lot of time. There are violent rapists, child molesters and murderers that have less time then I have. My appeals attorney even said she couldn’t believe it.


I’m working on some motions that should get me out of here. I have no excuses for the robbery that I did and I’m not upset about the punishment I received from it. But I am upset about the punishment for the Tampa crime which I didn’t do.


I was offered 4 years to take a plea, but my pride wasn’t going to allow me to take a single day for something I didn’t do. Now I wish I had instead of being stuck in here with all these weirdo’s. I was raised by great parents which taught me right from wrong. I have respect for everyone. I’m not a racist or a violent person.


I’ve never hit a woman and I don’t like men that do. There are two types of people I don’t like and that’s rapists and child molesters and there are a lot of them in here. I don’t ask people why they are in prison because when I find out they are in here for molesting some helpless child, it makes me want to hurt them.


I love kids and I have a lot of nephews and nieces I helped raise. I can say that I’ve learned a lot being in prison that I wouldn’t have learned in the free world.


I read a lot and I’ve ran into a lot of people that taught me a lot. I now know so much more about how businesses are run, so it shouldn’t take me long to become successful once I get out.

If you are a person that is interested in learning more about me, then please write. Hope to hear from you soon.





Race: Black

Date of Birth: 03-21-1974

Age: 40

Incarcerated since: 2004

Convicted of: Armed Robbery, Armed Kidnapping, Fleeing to Elude 

Release Date: Life

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 230 lbs

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Religion: Christian

Would you like letters from both sexes? Women

Education: -

Occupation before prison: -



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