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Ad Date 08/18/2016 - 08/18/2017

Austin Brown #318804-1381638

Roxbury C. I.

18701 Roxbury Rd

Hagerstown, MD 21746


Peace N Blessings Always,

Thank U 4 visiting my profile. I look forward 2 meeting sum new ppl 4 friendship & networking, N hopes of enhancing our quality of life through helpful & vibrant means. Also, I’m seek’n sum feedback on taking my Art Career 2 da next level.

My friends & fam call me Pepi, I’m N shape. Although I’m single, I seek friendship 4 now. I spend time increasing my education & skills N Art, Business, Self Realization & empowerment, Cosmology, Theurgy, and sharing it wit my luv ones. I luv good conversation dat stimulates da mind, Reading (esp. about Ancient Egypt & Entrepreneur magazine), T.V. shows like Shark Tank, Behind the Music, Boonedocks & Unsung. I enjoy making music, holistic food, Meditation, solving problems, help’n others & da spirit of being a natural entrepreneur myself. 

I’m open-minded & look’n forward 2 publish’n a few books. I luv da creative process of story telling through Art. I’m currently Executive Producer of “Da Shawt’man” series. Also, I’m poising myself 2 launch the highly anticipated company Moh Fiya Entertainment/Publishing. I specialize N Graphic/Comic novels, Greeting Cards, T-shirt design Logos, Clothingline sketch drafts & more. I’d like 2 learn about online crowd fundraising 4 projects!!! 

I appreciate a sense of humor & dwn 2 earth common sense. Deez R qualities I look 4 N a friend. I’m eager 2 broad’n my horizons. I’m spiritually universal & attracted 2 positive energy. I’m nonjudgmental & believe dat “distinctions” by race, nation, denomination, sect or religious affiliation R meaningless N da realm of truth, where da qualification is “Spiritual fitness” 2 receive! Superficial external differences R N no part of da focus N my life.

If U have room 4 positive energy, hit me up & let’s begin a friendship.

One Love, Asar’ Pepi




Hometown: Aquasco, Maryland

Race: Black, Native American, Brazilian 
Eye Color: -
Hair Color: -
Date of Birth: 03-17-1975
Age: 41
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Children: -
Incarcerated since: 2004
Convicted of: Attempted Murder (2nd degree)
Length of sentence: -
Earliest Release Date: -
Max. Release Date: 2017
Height: -
Weight: -
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Neterian
Would you like letters from both sexes? Women
Looking for: Friendship
Education: GED
Currently Erolled in: -
Occupation: -
Activities in prison: -
Favorite Color: -



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